Pass out the quiz.  The students need to spread out, stagger their seats.  They have 20 minutes to complete the test and they may not use a calculator.  Make sure to announce NO CALCULATOR.

Then show these videos in the order they appear.

Divide Complex Numbers

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

This should take almost all of the block.  They can begin the HW which is as follows:

From section 2.4 do # 51, 79, Read section 2.5, do # 33 (use rational root theorem to find a zero, then long division to get a quadratic factor) 49, 51


AP Calc Videos

Chain Rule

Chain Rule part 2



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Read section 2.1 pages 92 – 98

Create notecard(s):

Finding vertex when equation is in  y = ax² + bx + c form

Completing the square to get equation in standard (aka vertex) form y = a(x – h)² + k

Determining the x and y intercepts.

Do # 11, 17, 25, 31, and 45.  These questions are all a review from Algebra 2

If you need a refresher on completing the square:Completing the Square

Test on Friday.  .


Review Problems: 89 – 110, 123 – 134, 141-144 all  (I would not do ALL of the problems up through # 134

Read section 3.2  Notes09-30-15Sec3-2

do #  17 – 25 odd,  29, 33, 35,  # 41 – 55 odd

Quiz Monday on finding derivatives, including what we do on Friday.